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Excellent Window Tinting has over 25 years of experience with NJ, NY, and PA customers in helping find the perfect solution for any commercial window tinting needs.  All of our commercial customers, including office buildings, retail shop owners, and even bars and restaurants enjoy that our window film products can reduce glare, regulate temperature fluctuations, enhance occupant comfort, provide security and privacy, and even promote branding.  All Commercial Installations come with a 10 year warranty so you can expect the same level of customer service for years to come.

Why are so many businesses adding window tinting?

Large commercial buildings are regularly built with lots of large windows to allow the natural light to come through.  However, large windows let in a large amount of sunlight, heat, and often lead to discomfort. Our glare reduction solar window film can help save up to 30% in facility cooling costs in the hot summer months by maintaining temperatures throughout the building, regardless of window count or size.  Additionally, as window film reduces glare, reports show an increase in employee productivity.

If your executives require discretion, privacy & security window film can be applied to office and conference doors as a cost effective solution to door replacement. Decorative window film has been one of the most popular improvements for bars & restaurants - from logo impressions to style enhancements. Each type of film has it's own benefits and a different material is used. Click here to learn more about our film types


Are you considering Window Film for your business?

Installation of your new window film couldn't be easier. Our professional installers are fast and neat, with most projects completed in a fraction of the time of other architectural enhancements - also with very little mess through the process and  minimal disruption to the everyday operation of your office, employees and schedule.

Our technicians and customer support staff are trained to pay special attention to detail and deliver a final product that is both functional yet beautiful. Contact us for a no obligation consultation today!

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