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Maintain Privacy in your Home

When you originally purchased your home, that wall of windows was extremely inviting.  However, you may not have considered that your privacy and comfort could be easily compromised by anyone passing by.  If your home has windows where neighbors can easily view inside, consider privacy window film from Excellent Window Tinting.  We offer a line of products specifically designed to block the sight of unwanted guests, yet still allows light to brighten a room and make it inviting.

Our window film products can be installed in a variety of ways to ensure privacy and comfort for your family.  Textured window films that portray a frosted glass look inhibits the view of undesirable eyes.  One way window tints reflect a mirror and make it virtually impossible for someone on the outside to see through the glass, but never blocks the view out.

Privacy window films should be highly considered for any resident with ground level windows to maintain privacy and comfortability from any passerby.  Contact Excellent Window Tinting for more information today.

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Installation of your new window film couldn't be easier. Our professional installers are fast and neat, with most projects completed in a fraction of the time of other architectural enhancements - also with very little mess through the process and minimal disruption to everyday living in your household.

Our technicians and customer support staff are trained to pay special attention to detail and deliver a final product that is both functional yet beautiful. Contact us for a no obligation consultation today!


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