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5 Reasons Every Boat Owner needs Window Tinting

5 Reasons Every Boat Owner needs Window Tinting

In a marine environment, salt water, high winds, and bright sunshine can be brutal on boats. Windows are highly functional, providing protection from the weather for the occupants. Unfortunately, the weather itself can be terrible for windows, accelerating wear and tear.

One upgrade every boat owner must take advantage of is to get their windows tinted. On the market today, there is an amazing ceramic tint product aimed at preserving integrity of marine windows among other benefits tints provide.

Why should you tint the windows of your boat?

  1. Cooler cabin - The bright sun out at sea can make the inside of your cabin well over 120℉.  Tinted windows can provide a cool place for you and your guests to escape from the heat.
  2. Sun fading of fabrics - The sun can fade the beautiful and expensive upholstery and surfaces inside of your cabin. Window tinting will reduce the UV rays that deteriorate the color out of your materials.
  3. Increased Fuel Efficiency - The air conditioner on your boat can struggle to keep the cabin cool, consuming fuel constantly. Window tinting can keep the cabin up to 30℉ cooler and save on the energy needed to run the A/C unit.
  4. Reduced Glare, with Full Visibility - Window tinting can cut the blinding glare of the sun on the water without reducing your visibility. It is much more practical than curtains that block your view entirely. It’s like high quality sunglasses for your entire boat.
  5. Reduced Shine Off of Your Windows - Ceramic window tinting reduces the reflection of the sun off of your windows. This helps protect other boaters from the distraction and blinding glare from your windows.

How Not to Tint Your Windows

Some boat owners will look to tint their own windows with a DIY kit. This might seem like a less expensive option, but in the long run, it can cost much more.

DIY kits will not give you the complete coverage that a professional can provide. Also, the materials in a DIY kit simply can’t handle the heat, light, and salt of a boating environment. Hiring a professional to complete the job correctly the first time will save you time and money.

Ceramic Window Tinting

New research into ceramic technology has led to the discovery of a new window tinting material that can withstand the sea elements, provide years of protection, and completely cover your windows.  Because the tinting is made without metals or plastics, it is extremely durable and won’t corrode, peel, crack, or bubble.  But most importantly, it can achieve all these benefits without interfering with the view.

Tinting the windows of your boat’s cabin is one of the finishing touches for your expensive boat. Let our company protect your investment, it will make using your boat much more enjoyable and without hassle. Click here to request a quick quote online!