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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Window Tinting Professional

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Window Tinting Professional

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Home Window Tinting Professional

After reading our blog “6 Reasons that Window Tinting is Your Next Great Project” now you’re ready to tint your windows.  However, you might find yourself tempted to do it yourself. After all, they sell a complete kit at the home improvement store.  Marketing money well spent by these retailers have convince you that it’s a simple task, but in reality it should be left to the professionals. 

The most common calls we receive are from customers looking to reduce glare from the Jersey Shore sun, who have tried to add window film over the weekend and have failed.  This all to common occurrence demanded us to put together a list for our readers, to please save yourself the aggravation and give us a call.

  1. Benefit from knowledge and experience - This is a project you want to get done correctly the first time. A professional will know exactly how to do that. If you decided to do-it-yourself, you will probably have a learning curve. Unfortunately, that curve tends to be done just about the time you do the last window. Let an expert handle it so you can have a perfect job done the first time.
  2. Professional-grade materials – DIY kits are almost always from products that are not as durable as professional versions. Initially the quality may seem acceptable, but the performance will diminish as the material breaks down over time. The professional grade film will also give you a truer finish that is guaranteed to be more uniform. Even if you buy professional materials you likely will not have all of the equipment to apply them yourself.
  3. Warranty on workmanship and materials – Every reputable window tinting company guarantees their workmanship. We will use materials that are warrantied. If something happens, it will be a single phone call to get everything fixed. A DIY kit that fails you has a huge disadvantage, no one to call to help you through.
  4. Get what you paid for – DIY kits seem like a bargain, but you will always get what you invest. The flimsy film is much more likely to give you problems. Paying a professional tinting company might seem more expensive at first, but the project will look professional. We’ve all seen homes and cars where the tinting has bubbles and clearly a DIY job.
  5. Quick project completion – A professional tinting company can get the work done fast. If you try to do it yourself, you run the risk that window tinting goes on the ever-growing pile of household projects that you might never get to. Just make the call and get the job done immediately.

Want to learn more about what you read?  Do you have questions about how window tinting can save you on cooling bills, protect your furnishings from getting sun-faded?  Call us at (609) 336-0453 to speak with one of our professionals… or if you’re ready, click here to request an estimate.