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6 Ways that Window Tinting is Great for Office Buildings

6 Ways that Window Tinting is Great for Office Buildings

Tinting office windows can make your office more comfortable, more private, and more energy efficient. Having a professional apply a tinted film on your office windows, even on conference room windows, can be an excellent way to improve your office and improve comfort and performance for your employees.

Below are six reasons to have your office building and conference room windows tinted:

  1. Privacy – Windows that are darkened can prevent people from seeing in. This can protect your customers’ privacy and keep your staff from feeling that they are on display. Some of the films allow people inside to see out without being seen. This type of tinting can be great for conference rooms so you can maintain privacy and confidentiality. Many companies will frost the glass on their conference rooms, giving the room brightness, yet providing privacy.
  2. Protect Furnishings – The sun can bleach out furniture, carpeting, and other fixtures. Window tinting can keep out the UV rays that fade everything. This can help to keep your office, conference rooms, and lobby from looking outdated before their time.
  3. Logo & Branding – Window tints can include your company’s logo, name, and other branding items. Even if you don’t have a storefront, you can use the windows of your office to advertise and market your business. This type of logo can be applied on plain glass or it can be added to an opaque tinting that is used to block light. One of the favorite ways use logo tinting is with a frosted design.
  4. Tax Credit and Rebate – In many areas, energy companies and local and state governments will offer tax credits or rebates for window tinting. The savings on cooling costs can have a major impact on energy usage. This can translate to lower energy bills and credits or rebates from the government.
  5. Lower Utility Bills – Windows can allow the sun to heat up a room significantly. This can cause the air conditioning to run all day long. The energy savings from window tinting can total in the thousands of dollars per year. In many cases, a window tinting project will pay for itself in no time.
  6. Comfort/Glare reduction – Sitting in a room where the sun is pounding in can make concentrating almost impossible. Meeting rooms, offices, and lobbies where the sun comes through a non-tinted window are likely to be abandoned as often as possible. Tinting can make these rooms much more comfortable and relaxing. A great tinting job that is designed to give maximum comfort will turn an uncomfortable space into a favorite place to meet and work.

Window tinting for professional spaces can make your office, conference room, lobby, and hallways more comfortable, energy efficient, and even provide a tax incentive. The process is clean, quick, and extremely efficient. Why working with a professional tinting company, there are often guarantees on workmanship and labor.  click here to schedule a free estimate.